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Jam Games

There are many online gamedev competitions/jams. You must create a game from scratch before the given deadline. That's a great way to learn and improve your skills. Some of my creations in jams are presented bellow.

BENEATH the SURFACE Screenshot

BENEATH the SURFACE(april 2014)

Juego diseñado e implementado durante 48 horas en la compo de la 29a edición del Ludum Dare. You are FASCINATED by complex systems. But this one is special. Is more complex and more... attractive? Keep breaking through to discover the truth; not about "the system", but about yourself

You Only Get One COLOUR! Screenshot

You Only Get One COLOUR!(december 2013)

This game was designed and implemented during the 48 hours of the compo of the 28th edition of Ludum Dare. You are a teenager that was born with a visual impairment that prevents you seeing more that one colour at a time. Discover what activities you wont be doing because of the disability.

Merlot Screenshot

To Kill a Mocking Witch(december 2012)

This game was designed and implemented during the 72 hours of the jam of the 25th edition of Ludum Dare. It is an Action RPG in which you figth the evil witch that attacks your town. It has been made in collaboration with Josema and David Cámara Iglesias.

Verdejo Screenshot

Verdejo(november 2012)

This game was designed and implemented during the month of November 2012 for the GitHub Game Off competition. You are a tree that have to pick up water and salt in order to grow according to your rules.

Quarks vs. Leptons! Screenshot

Quarks vs. Leptons!(april 2012)

This game was designed and implemented during the 72 hours of the jam of the 23rd edition of Ludum Dare. It is a Shoot'em Up in which you will have to defeat evil muon. It has been made in collaboration with David Cámara Iglesias.

Pixel Vampire Screenshot

Pixel Vampire(january 2012)

Project developed during the Global Game Jam 2012 in Madrid. It has been made in collaboration with David Fernández Huerta and Manuel Rosado García. It is not finished for obvious reasons, but it was extra challenging since I had never used Flash before this Jam.

Leave Me Alone! Screenshot

Leave Me Alone!(december 2011)

My first complete game! It has ben made during the 48 hours of the 22nd edition of Ludum Dare. I could improve it (had extensive comments and suggestions), but I don't want to lose the purity of unpolished work (meh, just an excuse.)

Learning games

The best way to learn game developing is practicing cloning classic games. The following games have allowed me learning new technologies and improving my gamedev skills.

LightPunk Screenshot

(Simple+Fast)Tetris(march 2013)

Tetris clone programmed in C++ using SFML. Besides the row elimination from classical tetris, there is also three-in-line elimination.

LightPunk Screenshot

LightPunk(february 2013)

Light's Out clone for Flash. It's the second test with AS3 and FlashPunk. A bit more serious than the first test.

Pung Screenshot

Pung(february 2013)

Pong clone for Flash. First test with AS3 using FlashDevelop and the FlashPunk engine. Just a simple first contact with the Flash SDK workflow.

Prototype00 Screenshot

Prototype 00(december 2011)

First 'serious' platformer with complex animations (well, at least more complex than in previous games.)

Piperine Screenshot

Piperine(september 2011)

Arkanoid clone. I don't consider it complete because I would have loved to add more levels, design power-ups, and some enemies.

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